Diploma writing tips

Important point – the review of the diploma.

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Don’t let the rating of the reviewer was less than five. The reviewer must find in your diploma errors and omissions. Let him do it. I can even tell. But it must be a valid flaws, and not blunders. Defects can be the diploma, because it is not a thesis. But errors in the diploma should not be. If correctly to ask a question to the reviewer: “how would you have answered this write-up and what would you say to the “protection” on this occasion?” – you can get all the detailed information.

Usually, the reviewer, the review recommends that the assessment of the diploma. If it is not “excellent”, ask what you need to remodel to score was five. And redo. Therefore, a review of the diploma to go the sooner the better. You can even undergraduate diploma – less remake.

The diploma of acknowledge that you fully agree with the reviewer.

In any case, not to argue!!!

In his graduation speech to Express regret that you are unable to cover all issues because of the limitations of the diploma. We Express the assumption that in the thesis you will cover more extensively on this topic. Or begin to explain, what would you change or have changed in the diploma, taking into account the wishes of the reviewer.

You will stop half way to “new-Vasyuki”

and will close this question as positive.

Protection of the diploma. Fourth.

I’m not going to write about the trivial, that should definitely chip in for the flowers “table” and gifts to the members of the thesis Committee.

Saw and increase and decrease of the average score ratings because of such a seemingly “nothing”.

If it is not officially practiced, then there would come a mother, grandmother, “godmother” who personally “thank” teachers for “teaching daughter, son, grandson, son-in-law…”.

Moreover, citing “lack of time”, they do it to “graduation” and not after.

Don’t forget about the Secretary of the state examination Board!!!

This is the FIRST person in the state examination Board (state examination Commission). Which, incidentally, may make a fatal error in the desired and undesired way.

The Secretary of the examining Board knows best “what, who, how much and what…”.

Secretary of the thesis Committee appointed “experienced” teacher who “knows how to establish contacts with students” and “is able to take them thanks“.

Train to speak.

Or look in your city “Training on public speaking”. It’s not so expensive, but the protection is “excellent”.

Or at least read a book on oratory. For example, this (if not read) elocution for beginners.


Diploma – not a party.

Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind.

Already in appearance, it is possible to assume, what is the grade for the diploma worthy student.

Protection of the diploma.

As a rule, teachers at the Institute is a cultural and intelligent people. A bit conservative (or too). And, so, they want to see in the students cultural and intelligent graduates. So?

A guy with classic hair, in a white shirt and a good suit asks for the diploma – five. And the same person in a t-shirt about four, in ripped jeans – threefold.

Assessment for the diploma is very subjective.

I have witnessed such statements as: “I never put the top five for the diploma of the guy with the earring and the girl in torn jeans”.

The best way to dress for graduation – a classic.

School classic. The Institute classic.

To dress (the graduate) need well.

Be humble. Beautiful outfits leave for the evening, after graduation.

How to defend the diploma perfectly


And only after that you can start.

To attract attention, if not, and you want your diploma all the way listened to.

The gestures, gait, indications of the pointer. Look.

Look only to the thesis Committee members – that they were all listening. Passing questions “leave for later”.

The diploma of You should say:

the aim of the thesis,


It, the smaller, the better.

Let it be a good pause. It will be bad if you get interrupted in the middle.

If it happened – still summarize and make conclusions.

In the text, (specifically) to insert inaccuracies and errors. And the understatement. These inaccuracies, or incompleteness it is important to submit in order to be heard, but not felt a dirty trick. After all, this will be the very questions that you asked after graduation. And youwill be ready answers.

On this poster you can see a graph showing the increase in profits….

– You showed graphs, referred to profit… But not told about the size of this profit.

– Thank you for your question! Yes, based on this chart, we see an increase in profit, which is… … … Thank you for your question! ?

Focus on the benefits and advantages of your thesis, but don’t tell everyone, leave me wondering – will ask you is instead of a question.

Criticism (almost always) agree, but leave room for maneuver to their arguments. When answering questions take your time, pause.

And, certainly, smile, pretend this is the easiest question that you know everything on your diploma, and now choose what you say.

When questions that you don’t know the answer, use the “Alternative to direct response.”

Just be careful, and always use the four-step scheme care to answer.

It is important to speak clearly, loudly and confidently to all members of the thesis Committee the impression that you understand the question.

After all, what you do not know, you may not know and others.

Do you need to train?

Yes! Sure! Need if you want to perform well and to get well on your diploma.

Only training gives the confidence on which “dream” by many students.


Called: “the thirteenth poster”.

Protection of the diploma. The thirteenth sign…

After receiving a question you take the pointer, poke it in the thirteenth (or another) poster diploma, and enthusiastically tell a long tirade, without pauses. Unlikely to interrupt you or ask the question again. All members of the Commission will develop a positive feeling from your “answer”.

There is a similar method of departure from the answer:

“It is in this answer I cannot answer, but I know … …

(and you start telling what you know for sure)”. And I want to tell you that… …

But it is better to answer the questions! And respectful, creating a kind of cultural, educated and well-educated person.

Thus it is useful to insert the first Name of the questioner.

Thank you Ivan Sidorovich, good question. To him I say:… … … Thank you Ivan Sidorovich for a good question!

There is a lot to ponder on this topic… But it is better to re-read the above and apply in practice.

Hopefully, now You have increased chances to get great value for your diploma!

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